Finding Your Fingbox: Troubleshooting Fingbox Configuration Problems

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Login to your Fingbox account

  • Open the Fing Mobile App and click Account on the toolbar at the bottom of the page
  • You will be presented with the option to Sign in or register
  • If you are already signed in, ensure it is with the email address/Fing account associated with the Fingbox

Connect your Fingbox

  • Plug the Fingbox's power cable into a power socket/plug near your router
  • Wait for the green LED circle on top of the Fingbox (NOT the green LED on the ethernet port)
  • Connect your phone to a network where the Fingbox is listed
  • Open the Fing Mobile App and scan the network. The Fingbox activation will then appear.

Common Issues

The circular light on top of the Fingbox did not turn green. It is white.

This means there is a problem with the system start-up. To troubleshoot this:

  • Turn off the device at the wall and on again
  • Plug the Fingbox directly into the wall power source instead of a power extender
  • Use the micro USB provided. If this does not work, try another micro USB if you have one. This will identify whether there is an issue with the cable or the unit itself.

The circular light on top of the Fingbox is green but the Fingbox is not found

  • Connect the Fingbox to your main router or Wi-Fi access point
  • Disconnect Wi-Fi extenders or powerline bridges

Click here for further information on the Fingbox LED light.

Network Size

If your network is normal (/24), you can onboard Fingbox quickly. If your network is bigger (/12 or /16), you can still onboard Fingbox but it takes Fingbox longer to discover the devices on larger networks during the first time set up. As soon as Fingbox appears in your device list, you will know it has been found.


Fingbox is compatible with Firewalls. We recommend giving the Fing App and Fingbox access to the full Internet. If you wish to limit outbound connections and still ensure minimum functionality, allow Fingbox to reach any IP address on the following TCP ports: 80, 443, 4443, 5671.

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