How to collect Fing Agent log files

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All commands may be executed directly on the Raspberry Pi, or from another device via Secure Shell protocol (SSH).


How to change the log level to DEBUG

  • Open a terminal and run the following commands:
sudo cp /snap/fing-agent/current/conf/ /var/snap/fing-agent/common/conf 
  • Change the file by entering the command
sudo nano /var/snap/fing-agent/common/log/
  • Change the attribute overlook.fingagent.logging.level to DEBUG 

Screenshot 2024-07-19 at 12.06.26.png

  • Save the change
  • Restart the agent to apply the change by entering the command
sudo snap restart fing-agent
  • Replicate the issue found in the Fing Agent in order to populate log files.

How to create logs archive 

  • Change the work directory and enter the command
cd /var/snap/fing-agent/common/log
  • Create a logs archive by entering the command below:
sudo tar cvf logs.tar * 
  • A compressed file logs.tar will be created in the logs directory.

How to submit a request

  • Click the Submit a request link
  • Attach the compressed log files saved locally in the Attachment section by clicking on the 'Add file' link
  • In the subject enter the issue found
  • In the description enter the Fing-Agent behaviour providing  as much detail as possible about your network environment (network, router, VPN, Firewall, etc)
  • Click on Submit

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