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Fing's History

The Fing network scanning app was founded in 2009 by Carlo Medas and Marco De Angelis. Medas and De Angelis are experts in computer networking, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and network security.

Since launching in 2009, Fing has become the leading IoT technologies provider for mobile. The Fing network scanning app has been downloaded by millions of users without any marketing spend. This is because of Fing's superior network scanning and device recognition capabilities.

Fing's Growth

To date, the free Fing network scanning application for iOS and Android has seen impressive metrics, including:

  • More than 35 million downloads
  • Over 1 million network scans are performed daily
  • Discovers over 15 billion IoT device types a year

Fingbox Launch

In November 2016, Fing launched its campaign for Fingbox, a network security and troubleshooting toolkit on Indiegogo. The campaign was hugely successful:

  • More than 40,000 homes have purchased a Fingbox for network security
  • The Fingbox campaign raised more than 1.7 million USD on Indiegogo
  • All Fingbox units successfully shipped to backers
  • Fingbox received positive reviews

Fing Desktop Launch

Fing continuously improves our service offerings and adds new functionality, such as ISP information and the Internet Outage functionality.

In February 2020, we launched Fing Desktop. Fing network scanning is now available on your desktop/laptop. Fing Desktop has a more precise engine than Fing Mobile App and gives you more accurate network scanning results. With Fing Desktop, you can also share your scan results with friends and the Fing Community to help troubleshoot your network issues.

You can access Fing Desktop with the same account as your Fing App, and no purchase of hardware is required.

Click here to download and learn more about Fing Desktop.

Fing joins Lansweeper

In October 2020, Fing was acquired by Lansweeper, a global company that provides IT Asset Management Solution. This milestone will enable Fing to grow our technology and expand our business, with the support of an accomplished team that is running a fast-growing and profitable business.

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