Create or Delete a Fing Account

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How to create a free Fing account

  • Download the Fing App for mobile or desktop from Google Play or the Apple Store
  • Click Sign in or register
  • Create an account using an email address and password, Google+, Apple Sign in or Facebook
  • Click the confirmation link sent to the email you provided

Alternatively, you can create an account on the Fing Web App

Fing App Features

  • Better Device Discovery: Better algorithms give you a better device discovery experience including brand and model
  • Merge Access Points: Networks with multi-band and access points are automatically merged and recognised as a single network
  • Detect Intruders: Get email alerts when a new device joins your network
  • Status Alerts: Sign up to receive email alerts when a device status changes
  • Your Network Anywhere: Back up, sync and access your networks across devices by the Fing app on mobile or Desktop

See Fing App Features for more information on what the Fing App has to offer.

Note: With Apple Sign up, you will be asked to show your real email address or Hide your email address. If you hide your email address, Apple will provide you with an Apple Relay email address ending with This will be your Fing account email address for manual sign-in on other non-apple devices.

Create a free Fing Desktop account via Fing Mobile App

To create a free Fing account for Fing Desktop when you already have the Fing Mobile App:

  • Open the Fing Mobile App
  • From Overview, click Account on the bottom toolbar. This will bring you to the Account page.
  • In the Account page, click the blue Sign in or register button. This will bring you to a page called Sign in to your Fing account.
  • Click Sign up
  • Enter the information required. Use an email address and password, Google+, Apple sign-in or Facebook login.
  • You will then receive an email to confirm the account. Confirm the account to activate it.

Delete a Fing account

Support Ticket

Email and request to delete your Fing account. This will create a Support Ticket and a support agent will contact you as soon as possible to process your request.

Important: Email us directly from the email address associated with the Fing account that you want to delete. We cannot process the deletion of an account from an alternative email address.

Fing Mobile App

You can also delete your Fing account with the Fing Mobile App. To do this:

  • Click the Account tab on the bottom toolbar
  • Click Delete account (with the bin/trashcan icon beside it) and follow the onscreen instructions


Delete a Fing account when you have a Starter or Premium Subscription

If you request to delete your account but you currently have a Fing Starter or Fing Premium subscription, our support team will tell you to do one of the following:

  • Cancel the subscription immediately, before we delete your account
  • Keep the account until the Starter or Premium subscription is over

Note: Support agents cannot switch Starter or Premium Subscriptions to alternative accounts. If you have an account with an active Starter or Premium Subscription and then create a new account you want to use going forward, we cannot swap over the subscription. Instead, you must choose between the two options listed above.

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