Export a Network Scan

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Export function availability

The export function is available on Fing Mobile App, Fing Desktop and Fing Web App.

Export on Fing Mobile App

  • From Overview, click the Online devices widget
  • Click the Network tab
  • Click the share button (to the right of the blue Edit button)
  • Select a format: XIs, CSV, HTML, JSON, XML

Export mobile.gif

Export on Fing Desktop App

  • From Overview, click the Network tab on the left sidebar
  • Scroll down and click the Send export widget to the left of the page
  • Click the Send button


Export on Fing Web App

  • Login to Fing Web App
  • Select a network on the left of the page
  • Click the share button, which is the arrow icon at the top right of the page. This is the export function.
  • Select a format: CSV file, XML file, HTML file

Once you have selected a format, the file will be downloaded locally to your computer.

Export web app.gif

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