Scan Your Network

Scan your network to get updated network information, see and track changes, for example, when a new device joined the network, and understand network details, including Wi-Fi and network setup.

Fing Premium continuously scans your network so you don't have to initiate a scan for up-to-date information, and Fing Starter users get up to 3 scans per day.  Both Fing Premium and Fing Starter users get and more detailed network information.

You can perform a manual scan on your Device or Network view.   This is an example of a scanned or refreshed device list.

Scan your Network (Fing Desktop)

To initiate a network scan :

  1. On the main Dashboard left navigation pane, select Network to display the Network page.
  2. On the top right corner of the Devices page, click  the Refresh button at the top right of the page


Scanning and Fing Mobile App

You can view current (monitored) and previously scanned networks from Fing Mobile App.  To do so, from the Dashboard, select the circular icon with 3 dots at the top right hand corner.


If your Fing Desktop network  and Fing mobile app are linked, you cannot scan directly from Fing mobile and the information you see is from your Fing Desktop.  If you need to do a manual scan from Fing mobile, you need to detach or unlink Fing mobile and desktop.

Detach/Delete Fing Desktop from Fing Mobile App

To delete the Fing Desktop network from your Fing Mobile App so you can run a manual scan from your Fing Mobile App:

  • Login to your Fing Mobile App with the account details you use for Fing Desktop
  • From Overview, click the Network List, the circular icon with three dots at the top right of the page
  • This will open the My Networks page with a list of your Monitored and Scanned networks. Swipe left on the Fing Desktop network and click the red delete button that appears.
  • You will be asked if you want to detach all networks or the current Fing network. Choose which option you want and click Close.


Detaching a network on Fing Mobile App will remove it from the Home tab.

Detaching all networks will move all the networks scanned by Fing Desktop to the Scanned Networks list on Fing Mobile App.

Detaching the current network only will move the recent network scanned by Fing Desktop to the Scanned Network list.

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