Fing Features by Tier

Fing offers three feature sets--Free, Starter, and Premium.   Depending on which Fing plan you selected, you have all or some of the Fing features.  This table describes the different plan tiers and features available in each.   The knowledge base content describes all of the Fing features in the Premium plan, however, if you have a Free or Starter Plan, the features available to you will vary by plan.  Features unavailable to you are greyed out on your app.


Fing Feature Table

Feature Description Free Starter Premium
 Fing Dashboard The Fing home window shows an at-a-glance view of your network including number of devices, security summary, ISP Provider and Internet Speeds.
Inventory Show all device, network and user information.      
Device Views See information about all devices on your network--filter views by level of detail. 
Device Recognition Show and identify devices on your network by model, name, IP and MAC address and device manufacturer.
Device Status Shows connectivity changes for your device, for example, online, offline, blocked.  
Network View Shows network setup, Wi-Fi access points, and internet setup. 
Network Health Check Assess overall network health, including connectivity report, ISP score, and Security level. Basic Advanced Advanced
Manual Scan Initiate a network scan manually to update the network. Up to 3 Per Day Unlimited Unlimited
Track Users Assign users to devices and monitor their time on the network.
Automatic Scan Scans automatically generated for Starter and Premium.   Every 30 Minutes Continuous


Do Performance Tests on Devices and Networks      

ISP Rating and Comparison

Comparative % score for your ISP performance and speed in your location, as well as a Fing user rating.

Internet Speed Test

Shows current network speed (upload, download, and packet loss %).

Timed Internet Speed Test An automatic speed test that provides a graph of the average performance of your network ranging from the last 7-28 days.  
Detect Internet Outages Check recent and current Internet outages in your location.  
Find Hidden Camera Detect hidden cameras in the current network.  
Network  Diagnostic Tools   Basic Advanced Advanced
Trace Route Show the path Internet data travels from its source to its destination
Ping Check if a device is reachable and check its response time.
MAC Lookup Recognize device brand, type, and model from its MAC address.
Wi-Fi Scanner Scan nearby access points to display signal strength and likelihood of collisions.
DNS Lookup Perform forward and reverse DNS resolutions to a standard or custom server.  
DNS Benchmark DNS Benchmark compares your server response time with popular free DNS servers and provides an overview of your current and recommended configuration.  
Wake-on-LAN Wake up devices remotely.  
Monitoring and Reports Monitor device, internet and network performance and events, and create inventory and performance reports.      
Event Notification Be notified whenever a new event occurs, for example, state change.  
Internet Performance Report Check your ISP provider rating, reviews and performance. Compare these to other available Internet Service Providers.  
Presence Tracking Monitor device users on your network.  
Presence Insights Provides you with a timeline of users' activity on your network.  
Fing Agent      1 Agent 5 Agents
Device Status Update  Display the current status of a device, for example, online, offline, blocked.  
New Device Notification Get notified when a new device is added to the network.  
ISP Outage Report Generate a report showing locations of outages.
ISP Benchmark Report Generate a report of ISPs and how they rate comparatively in your area.
Network Report Generate a detailed report of all network devices, models, IP and MAC addresses and other information.    
Security Manage Security and Access on your Devices and Network      
Open Ports

Probe a server or host for open ports to verify security policies of a network.

Basic Advanced Advanced
Router Vulnerability Checks Check your router for any security vulnerabilities, for example, open ports.  
Automated Router Vulnerability Automatically detect vulnerabilities to monitor any potential security weakness that may lead to unauthorized access.  
Hidden Cameras Detector Find hidden cameras in the current network.  
Block Network Access Disable access to internet for a specific device.    
Automated Block of New Devices Prevent any new device from accessing your network.    
Limit Internet Time Prevent a device from accessing the Internet, for example, parental control.    
Schedule Internet Downtime Block access to internet for specified intervals, for example, during a child's homework time.    
Network Changes        
Manage Network Access Points You can remove or add network access point BSSIDs (networks) to improve network performance.    
Disable Firewalls Disable a Firewall    






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