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Payment Issue

If your payment was not processed successfully, email Fing with the following details:

  • What type of card did you use?
  • Were you trying to subscribe to a monthly/yearly subscription?
  • Was there enough funds in the card account?
  • Do you have a screenshot of any error message you received? How far you got on the payment process? Include this screenshot in the email but exclude any card/payment details.
  • Were you downloading Fing Desktop for WIN/MAC system?

Fing will then investigate the issue to resolve it.

Card Declined

If your transaction/card has been declined:

  • Confirm that there is sufficient funds in your account/on your card
  • Review the card details entered to ensure they are accurate and in the correct fields

If the issue persists, your card provider may not have authorized the transaction. Contact your card provider to authorize the transaction.

VAT Number

If a VAT number/details are not accepted when purchasing a Fing subscription, this is usually due to company name and details not matching.

When entering a VAT number, ensure that the VAT name matches the company name. Ensure that this is the official company name. This can be checked online via the VIES database. Enter the details that come up in the search results.

Alternatively, the VAT number field is not a mandatory field and can be left blank.

ZIP/Postal Code Issue

If you have issues with entering a ZIP/postal code:

  • Try again but when choosing the country, go to the scroll options and choose 'United States' (or relevant country), even if the correct country is already populated.
  • Alternatively, use another browser. For example, if you are using Firefox, use Google Chrome.

Updated Card Details: Fing premium

If you have purchased Fing premium via Stripe and changed your card details or the last transaction failed due to an error, the console goes into a pending state and will automatically retry the transaction after 4 days.

Alternatively, email Fing and request that we can manually charge the card details.

Fing Premium Price Conversion

When users buy from mobile apps, the currency and their conversion are managed by the App/Play Store. Therefore, if you intend to buy directly in your own currency, you can do so from the mobile app and the price will appear in your currency.

If you buy directly from us (Stripe), we currently support 3 currencies:

  • USD
  • EUR
  • GBP

These currencies are related to the balances and bank accounts we have in place. The conversion is then applied by the customer’s bank.

Fing advises customers to buy from the App/Play Store because the prices will be in your specific currency, and will be valid for both mobile and desktop.

Fing Prices

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