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Where is the Tools page?

Fing Desktop and Mobile App offer tools to solve your network issues, improve security and easy network troubleshooting, including Intruder Alerts, Security Checks and Timeline of Events.

To access Tools:

Fing Desktop: Click the Tools tab on the left sidebar


Fing Mobile App: Click Tools on the bottom toolbar

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Tools: Headings

The Tools page in both Fing Desktop and Fing Mobile App includes three sections:

  • Verify Internet performances/connectivity
  • Improve your network security
  • Troubleshoot Your Network

Verify your Internet performances/connectivity

This section checks your network performance using the following tools:

Improve your network security

This section monitors and improves the security of your network using the following tools:

Troubleshoot your network

This section diagnoses problems with your network or connection using the following tools:

  • Ping: Check the network round trip delay and reach device, servers and web domains
  • Trace route/Traceroute: Check the path and measure the transit delay of packets across a network
  • Wi-Fi Scanner: Scan nearby Access Points, and display signal strength and the likelihood of a collision
  • DNS Lookup: Perform forward and reverse DNS resolutions to a standard or custom server
  • MAC Lookup: Identify a device's brand, type and model from its MAC address
  • DHCP Discovery: Debug DHCP requests, and investigate and solve devices that cannot get online
  • DNS Benchmark: Benchmark your DNS servers and find the optimal configuration

Tools: Availability on Fing Mobile App

On Fing Mobile App, some tools are not available in particular conditions due to connection restrictions:

On the Fing Mobile App, the following tools are not available:

Tools: Subscription plans

Some features are only available on Fing Starter and Fing Premium subscription

Features available on the free Fing App and all subscription plans




Features only available on Fing Starter and Fing Premium


Features only available on Fing Premium


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