Fing provides a wide range of tools and features to help you identify and get insights into network behavior, resolve network issues, and optimize network performance.   

Fing Tools View

Select Tools from the left navigation bar to display the Fing Desktop Tools view, and select Tools on the bottom menu of the Fing Mobile App to display the Fing Mobile Tools view.  Tools are categorized to perform these tasks.

  • Verify your internet connectivity.
  • Improve your network security.
  • Troubleshoot your network.


Verify Your Internet Connectivity

Select Tools > Detect Outages to find out about network outages in your area.  

Go to Detect Outages to understand the outage maps or information provided.

You can also use the Bandwidth Analysis(Fing Mobile and Fingbox) to do an analysis of your bandwidth if your network is slow.    

Compare ISP Providers

Select Compare Providers to see how your ISP provider's speed compares with other providers.  Go to 

Go to Compare Internet Providers for information on the comparison review.

Improve Your Network Security

When you first launch Fing, the Dashboard will give you an overall assessment of your security level.  If you need to address security, you can check and test for open ports that may lead to vulnerabilities, or you can also check for hidden cameras that may cause privacy issues.  If you do find an open port that you are not using, you can close it using your router configuration to improve your security level.

Go to Open Ports to learn how to find open router ports.

Troubleshoot your Network

You can use the troubleshooting tools Ping to test connectivity with another device and  Trace Route  to check the routing path for delays.  Both tools are available from the Tools dashboard for convenience.

Optimize or Improve Performance

In addition to the tools discussed above, Fing provides features to help optimize or improve network performance, including Managing SSIDs and BSSIDs, Disabling A Firewall, switching networks on Fing, and finding open router portsfinding open router ports.

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