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The ISP Comparison tool helps you compare the different Internet Service Providers (ISPs) operating in your area.  You can compare any two providers in your geographic area.  You can compare your current ISP to other ISPs and you can also compare other ISPs to each other.   This gives you a full picture of ISP performance in your area.

In this example, the ISPs Digiweb and Sky are compared in speed, stability, and user ratings.



Note: You are not limited to comparing only your current ISP with others. Use the left dropdown and choose whichever ISP you want to compare.

Compare ISPs Using the Fing Desktop

  1. From the Fing Dashboard, select Overview >Tools tab in the left sidebar
  2. Click the Compare Providers widget under the heading Verify your Internet connectivity. This will open the Compare Internet providers page.
  3. Select your current provider or any other provider from the left dropdown list.
  4. Select a provider to compare from the second drop down list.



Compare ISPs Using the Fing Mobile App

  1. Open Fing Mobile
  2. Click the Tools tab in the bottom toolbar
  3. Click Compare Providers under the heading Verify Internet performances. This will open the Compare Providers page. (1).gif



How to use the ISP Comparison tool

In the Compare Internet providers page, you will see your current ISP on the left and a dropdown menu on the right listing local ISPs in your area. Click the dropdown and you will see a list of ISPs available in your area. Select one to get a comparison.

Your area is automatically detected from your public IP address using a Geo-location database.

What the details mean

Scroll down to see the details of your ISP comparison. The details are grouped into six sections, each one describing a different part of the services of the providers:

  • Summary: A brief overview of the ISP's speed performance, user ratings and outages. Fing calculates the trend for performance, ratings and outages by looking at the previous week and comparing it with the results of the previous three weeks.
  • Speed performance: How fast your ISP downloads and uploads.
  • User rating: Other users' reviews on the ISP. Here you will see how much users 'like' the ISP and a distribution of users' scores. Fing users can rate their ISP from the Fing Mobile App and Fing Desktop, and the results are aggregated by ISP and location to provide a breakdown by region and ISP.
  • Stability: The connection drop rate of the past week. Each ISP has a number of probes that are monitoring its performance daily. The time-based chart here shows you the percentage of the dedicated probes that got a service interruption, so lower is better. Click here for further information on how Fing monitors networks.
  • Outages: The number of service interruptions. The latest two outages are directly reviewable. When the number of service interruptions is higher, you will get a link to the pre-filled Outage Detector Tool. For further details, click on the outage widget.
  • About: An extract of the ISP's Wikipedia article and links to the ISP's Facebook, Twitter, phone number and website.

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