Linking and Syncing your Fing Mobile App and Desktop App (or other Monitoring Unit)

After you install the Fing Mobile App, synchronize it with your Desktop App or other monitoring unit for optimal performance. Synchronizing or pairing your apps has these important benefits. 

Benefits of Syncing the Fing Mobile and Desktop Apps

  • Pairing or syncing your Fing Desktop  or other Fing Monitoring Unit with your Fing Mobile App gives you access to all the information about your Fing Desktop network from your mobile app. You can monitor your network status and the devices connected to it when you leave home or from any location.

Note: Fing Desktop must be up and running. If you switch off the PC or laptop, you cannot get updates from your Fing Desktop. 

  • You can receive notifications generated by your Fing Desktop on your Fing Mobile App too.  For example, you won’t miss any updates on who’s joining your network.

  • By linking your desktop  to your mobile app, you will always have the best performance possible.    Fing Desktop runs an optimal scanning and recognition engine supporting a wide range of protocols. 

  • You will be able to use automated  tools, for example, perform router vulnerability checks and internet speed tests. Automation requires Fing Desktop technology to run.

Sync your Fing Mobile App with your Desktop App

To sync your Fing Mobile and Desktop Apps, you need to set up an account.  You do not need an account to use the the Fing Mobile app but is needed to use the Fing Desktop app and to pair both apps.  Your Fing account will synchronize all the information about your network on all the devices where Fing is running. This is crucial to have everything updated with the correct information.

To sync your Fing Mobile and Desktop App, do this.

  1. Get or download Fing Mobile here.
  2. Set up a Fing Account.  Select the “Account” tab of the Fing Mobile App, and follow the instructions in the Register section. 
  3. Get Fing Desktop here.
  4. From your laptop, go to to download Fing Desktop for Windows or macOS. After you complete the download/installation, sign in using your Fing Account.
  5. Pair Fing App with Fing Desktop.   Open your Fing mobile app. It will immediately align with your PC application, and you should see your Fing Desktop network in the upper part of the Home Page.


If the desktop network icon does not appear, you can manually select your desktop network to appear in the home dashboard of your mobile.

  1. Tap on the three-line icon on the Home Page to show the list of networks in your account.
  2. Find the Fing Desktop network in the “Monitored Network” area, swipe it (on iOS) or long-press it (on Android), and follow any additional prompts. 
  3. Tap on the “Home” icon to pin this network to the Home tab.

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