Connectivity Report (Check Network Health)

Fing continuously monitors the status and well-being of your network, and sends you alerts and notifications if something goes wrong.   

Connectivity Report

The Connectivity Report provides a detailed connectivity status in real time for your network, for example, DNS, DHCP, and Gateway information,  whether it can access common destinations, as well as whether it passed or failed tests for good connectivity.   To display the Connectivity Report, select Overview in the left navigation pane and then click Connectivity on the top left corner of the screen.  The Connectivity Report is available only on Fing Desktop.



  • You can get more detail on each item by selecting the question mark on the same line as the item, for example, the DNS detail shown above, or in the case of a problem, additional technical information.
  • You can use this report  to troubleshoot an issue with  an IT support contact by clicking Share on the top right corner of the screen.

Check your network health (Connectivity Report): Video

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