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Where is my Network security score?

Fing Mobile App

  • From Overview, click the Online Devices widget or the blue See devices button
  • Click the Security tab

Alternatively, from Overview click the Security widget. Either will bring you to the Security page.

Security mobile.gif

Fing Desktop

  • From Overview, click the Security tab on the left scrollbar. This will bring you to the Security page.

Security Desktop 2.gif

Your Network security score is at the top of the Security page on both Fing Desktop and Fing Mobile App.

What is the Network security score?

The Network security score shows you how safe your network is. The Network security score will show you: confirmed or unconfirmed devices on your network, notifications about new devices, network vulnerabilities and hidden cameras.

In the Security page, you can also run or schedule router vulnerability tests.

At the top of the Security page, there is a bar with a score that ranges from Unsecure to Secure, with some intermediate values. This is your security score, which is calculated by Fing's algorithm. Depending on your network setup and settings, your security score is calculated in seconds.

If your network rates in the first half of the spectrum or under, it may not be secure.

Security on the free Fing App vs Starter and Premium

The Security page on the free Fing App will only notify you of any unconfirmed devices in your network and if your access point is secure. On the free Fing App, you can only reach less than half of Fing's Network security score because without Fing Premium, many aspects of your network are left unguarded. This remains the case even if even if you confirm all your devices and access point are secure.

By contrast, subscribing to Fing Premium gives you full access to all of Fing's security features. These features include:

Alternatively, you can subscribe to Fing Starter. Fing Starter gives you some of the Premium features at a reduced cost including Event notifications, Router vulnerability checks and Hidden cameras.

  • Click here to learn more about Fing Premium and Fing Starter
  • Click here to upgrade to Fing Starter or Fing Premium to get the above features and secure your Wi-Fi

Note: Ensure these features are enabled by clicking on the blue Manage button under each feature in the Security page.

When using the free Fing App, these features will be locked and flagged with a purple star icon.

Network security score: Video

Network security tab: Video

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