Will the Fing App work on Android 10?

Yes, Fing App will work on Android 10. Whilst initially we could not access MAC addresses on Android 10, our Engineering team have worked hard and found a solution to ensure the Fing app will indeed work on Android 10.

There are many changes for Fing app in relation to Android 10. Among the changes, please note that devices running on Android 10 by default send randomized MAC addresses on each WiFi they connect and block access to the table of MAC addresses, and this limits Fing App’s ability to display complete device details in some instances.
If you don’t change anything, you will see the MAC addresses (from the account storage`. But once you start re-scanning on Android 10, the scan will switch to IP-based, and the app cannot tell for sure if the IP address is still assigned to the old MAC address, so the get discarded and you will not be able to see any MAC addresses for the devices.

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