Wifi Scan tool

The Wifi scan is a tool that can be used to scan nearby Wireless Access Points to troubleshoot and improve your AP(Access point) coverage.


What is an ‘Access Point’?

An access point is a device that creates a wireless local area network, or WLAN. An access point connects to a wired router, switch, or hub via an Ethernet cable, and projects a Wi-Fi signal to a specific area. Every router has multiple network interface cards which is the reason, routers are able to provide multiple frequencies(2.4 Ghz and 5Ghz). These are different access points which has their own MAC address(BSSID).

Fing is continuously scanning nearby Wireless Access Points to troubleshoot and improve your AP coverage. We have also added Wireless Spectrum Heatmap so user can select the correct channel for their access point.


How can I use the Wifi Scan tool?

To use this tool, on Fing Desktop:

  • Click on Tools from the navigation panel.
  • Select Wifi Scan. It will then start scanning your access points and neighbouring access points in range.

  • Once complete, the list of the access points & channels will be listed (separate tabs)

This tool can help you select the correct channel for your access points so it does not create any conflict with neighbouring access points running on the same channel. The green mark shows the free channel and orange/red mark shows the channel being used by neighbours.





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