Wi-Fi Performance Test

Fingbox’s Wi-Fi Performance Test is an interactive tool which allows you to find the best spots for Wi-Fi connectivity around your home or office.

Fingbox’s Wi-Fi Performance Test also shows you the streaming quality you can achieve in different locations: SD, HD and 4K.

Use the feature by moving around your home or office and seeing the speed change up or down based on how good your connection is in any corner of the building. By performing the test next to the router, you can also tell if your router is failing to deliver the speed that was promised by the manufacturer.


Where Do I Find the Wi-Fi Performance Test?

To run the Wi-Fi Performance test:

  1. On the Fingbox dashboard, go to the Network tab
  2. Scroll down to Wi-Fi Performance & click on it. This will open up the Speedtest functionality:


How to Use the WI-Fi Performance Test

When you open the Wi-Fi Performance Test it will show you the latest test you performed. To perform a new test:

  • Click the Test speed now
  • Now have fun and move around your home or office. As you move you’ll see the Wi-Fi speed change up or down to reflect the quality of your connection in each spot in your home.
  • On the lower part of the screen under What can you achieve?, indicates what your Wi-Fi is able to support & streaming qualities of various media types.


How To Access Your Wi-Fi Performance Log

To access your Wi-Fi Performance Log simply click on History in the top bar. Here you will be able to see all your previous Wi-Fi Performance Tests.

Any questions about the WiFi Performance Test? Share with us on our Fing Community page https://community.fing.com

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