Who are the founders of Fing?

The Fing network scanner was founded in 2009 by two experts in computer networking, IoT devices, and network security, Carlo Medas and Marco De Angelis.

Since first launching in 2009, Fing has become the leading Internet of Things Technologies provider for mobile phone. What’s even more, is that the Fing network scanning app has grown to millions of users without any marketing spend, just because of its superior network scanning and device recognition capabilities.

The growth of Fing

To date, the free Fing network scanning application for iOS and Android has seen impressive metrics including:

  • More than 20 million downloads
  • Almost 1 million network scans are performed every day
  • Discovery of over 15 billion IoT device types a year

The birth of Fingbox network security device

In November 2016, Fing launched its campaign for Fingbox, a network security and troubleshooting toolkit on Indiegogo. Since launching on Indiegogo the campaign has attracted the world’s attention. The Fingbox Indiegogo campaign was hugely successful. Here are a couple of interesting facts about the campaign.

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