What are the steps of the uninstallation process?


To uninstall Fing on Windows platform, use the Start menu to locate the Fing folder. An Uninstall menu item is available; selecting it will run the Uninstaller application that will remove the program from the system.


If you have installed fing using dpkg, type:

sudo dpkg -r fing

If you have installed fing using rpm, type:

sudo rpm -e fing

Otherwise, type:

 sudo /usr/local/bin/fing-uninstall.sh


Open a Terminal window and execute:

 sudo /usr/local/bin/fing-uninstall.sh

Before you uninstall a kit running as a service, make sure you have shut down any other service that loads the kit at the machine’s start-up. See Fing Kit as a Service for further details.


Open a shell and type:

sudo opkg remove fing

Raspberry Pi

Login to your raspberry and execute:

 sudo /usr/local/bin/fing-uninstall.sh


You have to be sure that there are not running instances of fing image:

docker rm –f $(docker ps –q –f “ancestor=docker-fing”)

then type:

docker rmi docker-fing

Please refer to Docker official documentation for any deepening.

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