How to run a service scan?

The service discovery feature, also known as service scan, quickly detects active TCP services on a target host or network. Service discovery also gives its best with Ethernet-based networks, where TCP SYN scan technique can be applied to audit active services on any host in a few seconds.

You can scan a local or remote host but also entire networks. You may specify a maximum number of ports for the scan to make it faster:

 <cmd> -s         # (single host)
 <cmd> -s -m 1000 # (single host with max ports)
 <cmd> -s         # (domain)
 <cmd> -s   # (entire network)

By default discovered services are reported on console as a plain text output, but you can choose between different output formats: like text, CSV, XML and HTML. So it is actually possible not only to use it as a command line administrative tool, but also integrated with your 3rd party applications.

 <cmd> -s host -o html,report.html  <cmd> -s host -o xml,scan.xml

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