Recent Network Events

Fingbox provides a historical overview of all the events that happened on your network.

Using the Recent Events feature

  • From the Network dashboard, navigate to “Recent Events” on either Protection or Performance
  • You’ll get a full log of all the Recent Events which have happened on your network
  • Click on any event to see the details of the event


  • Vulnerability Tests
  • Internet Outage
  • Open Ports
  • DHCP Outage
  • Fingbox Online/Offline


  • Internet Speed
  • Internet Outage
  • Wi-Fi Speed
  • Bandwidth Analysis
  • Internet Speed


Additionally, you can also have Digital Presence Recent Events.
To find your Digital Presence tab, you can click on the People tab under Digital Presence.

Digital Presence

  • New Devices Discovered
  • Digital Fence activity
  • Online/Offline devices

You can use Recent Events to investigate any event that happened on your network.

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