Ping tool

What is a ‘Ping’?

Ping is a command-line utility, available on any O.S with a network connectivity, that helps to test if a networked device is reachable/online or connected. The ping command sends a request in form of packets over the network to specific devices. A successful ping results in all packets received by the device that was pinged from the originating device.

A quick ping by IP address will confirm that the system is on, that there is a connection, and that the two machines can talk to each other. Example to use Ping:

Command: ping

Command: ping

If a ping is successful by name and IP address, but the response times are long, there may be a routing, network speed, or congestion issue. Even unsuccessful pings can provide valuable troubleshooting information.


How can I use the Ping tool to help troubleshoot my network?

To troubleshoot a network connection problem, you can use the Ping feature on Fing desktop and check if any particular website is down or if there may be another root issue.

  • Click on the ‘Tools’ tab
  • Click ‘Start’ on the ‘Ping’ tool


  • Enter the website (that you cannot reach) and then click “Start” to see if the website is actually reachable or not.
  • You can also use the ping tool to try and ping any device which might be connected to your network, to check connectivity. To do this, select the device from the dropdown or manually enter the IP address. You can change the number of Pings from 30 to any number you want.


I have used the Ping tool, what do the results mean?

See below, an example of a successful ping.

The 0% loss reported under Ping statistics for explains that each ICMP Echo Request message sent to  was returned. This means that, as far as this network connection goes, it can communicate with Google’s website perfectly.

If packets are lost, or there is any connection problems, this will be displayed. Packet loss is when packets traveling through a network medium get “knocked off” before getting to their destination. This would suggest that there is an issue with contacting that website, which may indicate that the website is currently not operating as expected.

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