NEW Mobile Internet Speed Test

In January 2019, in our continued effort to improve, we have launched a free Mobile Internet Speed Test to the Fing App features.

What does the New Mobile Internet Speed Test do?

“Measuring the bandwidth and latency of an Internet connection against a server.”

The data rate is evaluated in both direction: upload and download.

Internet Speed has direct impact on the quality of any Internet-based service


What does the Mobile Internet Speed Test measure? 

  • LATENCY:  Round trip delay time between two endpoints. It is measured using ICMP Ping tool from the local phone to the MLAB server.

  • DOWNLOAD:  Receiving data from a remote system, typically a server. It’s simulated by MLAB server that sends to our NDT client a bunch of data on one or multiple connection.


  • UPLOAD:  Sending data from a remote system, typically a server. It’s simulated by our NDT client that sends to the MLAB server a bunch of data on a single connection.



How is Mobile Internet Speed Test measured?

The Internet Speed Test infrastructure is provided by our partner, Measurement Lab.

M-Lab is one of the most trusted independent labs for network measurement, backed by academic institutions and used by Google and other large Internet companies.

M-Lab provides an API through which the client can ask the best server to perform the test. The criteria are the geographical proximity and the lowest latency.


What type of Internet Speed should I expect?






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