Are the Fing app’s network scanning features free?

Yes! Not only is Fing the best network scanning app out there, but the Fing App is free to use and we want to keep it that way. We’ve recently started to show ads for select products and services that may help our users to improve their internet experience.

However, after receiving feedback of preferences from our users, we will be released optional paid version of the app. See below an update in relation to this release:

iOS Paid App:

Android Paid App: note: In App Ads are not displayed for Fingbox users. Please ensure that you are logged into the account associated with your Fingbox.


NEW! Fing Desktop:

We have recently launched a brand new offering to our suite of Fing Products; Fing Desktop.

Fing Desktop can be considered as a more powered version of the Fing mobile App, with better device recognition capabilities and new functionalities coming. To read more about Fing Desktop, please visit:  Fing Desktop

To download Fing Desktop, click on  Fing Desktop Download link

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