Who needs a network security tool?

The Fingbox network security toolkit is for anyone with a network.

It is aimed at anyone wishing to protect their home network and gain visibility over what’s happening including early adopters, families, students, pensioners, vacation homes, rental properties. It’s designed for anyone that has a network that wants to secure their network from hacker threats,  Wi-Fi stealers and gain more visibility of what’s happening at home or an office while away.

Fingbox is also aimed at networks of all different sizes as it monitors an unlimited number of devices, with features to troubleshoot your busy Wi-Fi and help you towards an efficient and healthy network.

Fingbox should also be purchased by those Fing app users that wish to block devices and receive real-time alerts about intruders and network threats.

Why might you need a network security tool?

Consumer-grade routers and IoT devices lack effective security defenses. Not only are they individually vulnerable to network hacking and Wi-Fi eavesdropping, but they create a risk for your entire network. A network hack can be potentially devastating, resulting in your private information being stolen and your home life being invaded.

Fingbox is a simple way to take action against protecting your network. The device plugs into your router and provides your network, and all the devices on it, with the security it is lacking. The protective Buddle Fingbox puts around your network prevents unwanted intruders from accessing your network, but also identifies the weaknesses in your network that could lead to hacking.

As our home networks get bigger so will its vulnerability to network hacking. Fingbox will give you peace of mind that your network is secure to external threats.


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