How do I manually create an Applet in IFTTT?

  • Firstly, you have to sign in with the IFTTT account by going to URL: 

  •  Click on the account name, this will give you a list of options. Click ‘New Applet’. 

  • Once you click on ‘New Applet’, you will get a screen for ‘If this then that’. Click on ‘this’ part, which will take you to list of services.  

  • Choose/Search the service depending on what do you want to do? Example: if you want to get an alert via email if somebody joins the network then select ‘Fingbox’ service for ‘this’ part and then select the appropriate trigger. 

  • Choose the trigger and fill up the trigger fields and make sure to select your Fingbox from the list and click ‘Create Trigger’. 

  • After you create the trigger, you will be redirected to a page displaying ‘if this then that’ with ‘that’ link activated. Click on ‘that’ part and select the action you want to perform when somebody arrives. In our example: we will have to select ‘Google’ from the search bar, select ‘Gmail’ and then connect to your Gmail account.  

  • Fill up the Trigger fields again and click ‘Create Action’ to complete the Applet settings and Click ‘Finish’ 
  • You can review your Applet by going under ‘My Applet’. 


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