How do I know that my information is in safe hands with Fing?

We can assure you that your privacy and security is one of our highest priorities.

As a general principle we apply (and sometimes outperform) industry standards for encryption, pseudonimization, anonymization and data segregation for all personal data stored.

Our privacy and security is routinely audited by independent third parties.

All information we hold about a user is visible to the user at and can be deleted upon request. For more information about our privacy policy and practices, please visit or write us an email at


Is Fing GDPR Compliant?

As a company whose primary focus is on providing tools to protect against data theft, we were very happy to see a regulation like GDPR coming in. Everyone should have the right to take control over their own data.

We have done extensive legal work on reviewing our Privacy Policy and practices, not only to be in perfect compliance with the existing regulations but also to make sure that we are, at any time, completely respecting of our users’ privacy. We are fully compliant with GDPR requirements which are amongst the most stringent on the planet in respect to user privacy.

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