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Speed Test

The Speedtest tool on Fing Desktop resembles the Fing App feature (see Speedtest) whilst using more optimised tools.

The Speedtest will measure:

  • Download Speed
  • Upload Speed
  • Latency

You can also see your ISP, City & Country & Network. Below the Speedtest result, you can view how yourresult rates in comparison to other users in the same city.

Finally, a very important feature that has been included is ‘What Can I Achieve?’.

Whilst the metrics are important for measurement, for many of us, it is useful to understand how that translates, practically to our day to day lives.

“So my download speed is 179.8 Mbs & my upload speed is 196.4 Mbps…So what? What impact does it have on my network. Will this limit my internet usage? Can I stream my favourite movies? I have a video call with my boss later, will this be impacted?’

This new feature answers those questions and many more, giving you that piece of mind (or allowing you to plan for an alternative solution) before settling down to watch your favourite film or indeed log in to attend that important video conference job interview.

How is Mobile Internet Speed Test measured?

The Internet Speed Test infrastructure is provided by our partner, Measurement Lab.

M-Lab is one of the most trusted independent labs for network measurement, backed by academic institutions and used by Google and other large Internet companies.

M-Lab provides an API through which the client can ask the best server to perform the test. The criteria are the geographical proximity and the lowest latency.



Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Using this functionality you have access to your ISP information such as weekly outage rates, ratings and reviews, comparison of different providers and best performances in your city/country.

See how your ISP is performing in comparison to other Internet Service Providers, as well as other information such as ISP contact details, reviews and much more.

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