Intro to Fing Desktop

At Fing, our mission is to become the de-facto smart-home technical advisor, present in every home. We want to help empower consumers to troubleshoot and solve everyday problems, gain control of their environment and enable a more intelligent digital home.

As you know, currently we offer our users the following options:

  • Fing App
  • Fingbox

We have now released a brand-new product offering: ‘Fing Desktop’.

Objective of Fing Desktop

We have created Fing Desktop to integrate network scanning in your desktop/laptop with more precise and accurate results than the Fing App.  You can easily share your scan results with friends and/or the Fing Community in order to help troubleshoot your network issues. To easily enjoy all the products of the Fing Suite, you can access Fing Desktop with the same account as the Fing App.

Are you the IT advisor of your family and friends? How would you feel about being able to leverage Fing Desktop to be able to help troubleshoot problems faster, and even remotely?

Once Fing desktop is installed on your family/friend’s desktop/laptop, they’ll be able to share their issue with you, even when there is no Wi-fi connectivity (provided they have access to a smartphone with Internet connection). You can then assist them by leveraging the health checks analysed by Fing.

Fing Desktop allows a far more precise engine than the Fing mobile app, but doesn’t require a purchase of a dedicated hardware.


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