Internet Performance Report

We have recently revamped all of our emails. As well as a new look, we now also include links that allow you jump directly into the mobile app, if opened on mobile, and into the most appropriate web page if you’re on a PC, for example. We believe this feature makes the emails even more useful & relevant. Digital Presence emails now also have a link to the person and to the device that is used to track it.

Included in this revamp, we have updated our Monthly Internet Performance Report. We have modified the layout & graphics used, to give an easier to read overview of:

·         Your Internet Performance

·         ISP provider performance

·         Network details


Included in the report:

1.       SUMMARY:        an overview of how your internet performed in the reporting period.

  • Monthly average Download in Mbps
  • Monthly average Upload in Mbps
  • Percentile of your ranking (in your city or country)
  • Number of Outages
  • Number of Good Days vs All days
  • Uptime of your Fingbox
  • Speed rankings, compared to ISP providers in your location
  • Contact links for your ISP


2.       ABOUT ISP:         an overview of how your ISP performed in the reporting period (Speed performance, User rating & widespread outages)

  • How ISP is performances are trending recently
  •  ISP performance in closest location (if enough data is available)
  •  ISP performance in country (if enough data is available)


3.       NETWORK DETAILS:        a recap of network details such as Network, Provider. Location, router & Public ISP


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