I have signed up with my Google account/Facebook account on Fingbox, can I still use them

Answer:  Yes you can still use them 


Is IFTTT free of charge? 

Answer: Yes, both IFTTT and IFTTT linked to Fingbox is free of charge.  


How can I unlink IFTTT from my Fing account

Answer: please visit  https://app.fing.io/app#user:auth 


How do I change the account associated with a service? 


  • Go to the service page you’d like to change 
  • Select Settings 
  • Select Edit connection 
  • Enter the login credentials for the account you want to use 

You won’t have to reconfigure your Applets as long as all of the inputs are the same. If the inputs are not the same, then Applet editing will be necessary. E.g. If you change which Trello account is linked to your IFTTT, but the new one doesn’t have the board specified in an Applet, then that Applet won’t be able to run. 

Note: You can only connect one service account for each IFTTT account. If you want to use two different Facebook Pages, for example, with IFTTT, you will need to use two IFTTT accounts.  


How do I disconnect a service or remove a service’s permissions? 


  • Go to the service page. 
  • Select Settings. 
  • Select Disconnect. 

Disconnecting a service will delete any Applets that require it. 


Can I make connections work faster? 

Answer:  Fing implemented the IFTTT Realtime API to make sure each trigger from Fingbox is pushed to IFTTT in realtime with no delay, e.g. when you come home, the Digital Presence trigger is called immediately as soon as Fingbox device detects your presence.


How do I turn off or delete an Applet? 


Turning Applets off: 

  • Visit My Applets 
  • Click or tap onto the Applet you’d like to turn off 
  • Flip the switch 

Deleting Applets: 

If you’ve created an Applet for your personal use via ifttt.com/create or the create tool in the app, you can delete it: 

  • Go to My Applets 
  • Click the gear icon in the top right to go into edit mode 
  • Scroll to the bottom to select delete 


What happens if I hit a usage limit? 


Some services have limits for how often you can use them with IFTTT. If you check your activity feed and see an error message that reads “usage limit exceeded,” then you have hit one of these limits. Some examples of these services are Twitter, Blogger, and the SMS service. 

IFTTT try and make this as transparent as possible, and let you know when you’re approaching a limit and when you’ve hit it. If you hit a daily limit, your Applet will resume working again the following day. 

IFTTT would recommend configuring your Applets so that they run less often to avoid hitting these limits. You can do this by choosing different criteria for your Applet to trigger on so that it runs less often. 



How do I delete my IFTTT account? 


If you’re sure you want to leave IFTTT, here’s how you delete your account: 

  • Sign in and navigate to your account settings 
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Delete my account 

You can only delete your account via the IFTTT website. Deleting the IFTTT app on your phone will not delete your account. 



What kind of permissions are needed to access functions on my device? 


IFTTT can do tons of cool things for you when you use it via the app. To run Applets that use your location, your camera, your contacts, and other smartphone features, they ask for a few permissions: 

  • Camera: Permission to access your device’s camera and photos 
  • Contacts: Permission access contact details in your address book 
  • Location: Permission to access location information when your Applet runs 
  • Phone (Android only): Permission to access user’s’ phone call logs 
  • SMS (Android only): Permission to read user’s SMS database and to send SMS from device 
  • Storage (Android only): Permission to access the user’s photo database 

IFTTT only access these functions when an Applet you’ve turned on requires access in order to run. You can revoke access to each function and edit or disable your Applets at any time.

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