Google Assistant: Sign Up

To sign up for Google Assistant, you will need to ensure that Google Assistant is installed on the device. For Android devices, it will be in-built by default. For other devices, please use this link to download Google Assistant:

Or (For all available operating systems)

After downloading the Google Assistant, you should Sign-in with a Google e-mail account to make it work correctly.

To connect to Fing Assistant, you must link your Fing Account with the Google Assistant. You can activate the Google Assistant by saying ‘’Hey Google’’ or you can go to the app and launch the Application and it will be activated.

You can then either type or say ‘Talk to Fing’. This will activate the Fing Assistant.

Once activated, you can try a simple command such as: ‘What can you do’, to know more about the assistant features.


Once you try to access Fingbox features using Google Assistant, it will ask you to connect the Assistant with the Fing Account.


You can also use the link for direct connection with Fing from the Web App and send it to all devices on your Google account.

You can provide permission which will open a pop up to sign in to Fing Account.

Once the account is linked, and the Fingbox attached, it will be automatically detected. You can now perform different commands relating to Fing using the Google Assistant.

To note:  Fing on Google Assistant is available only in English at this time. If your primary language is not English, you can add it from Google Assistant under ACCOUNT -> ASSISTANT -> LANGUAGES. Then you’ll be able to talk to Fing.

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