Google Assistant: Commands List

You have signed up for Google Assistant with Fing and have attached your Fingbox.

You now want to try some Fing commands!

See below a list of commands you can use to get the most out of the Fing Assistant. First, Activate the Google Assistant by saying: ‘Ok Google’ and then say: ‘Talk To Fing’. It will activate the Fing Assistant.  

To note:  Fing on Google Assistant is available only in English at this time. If your primary language is not English, you can add it from Google Assistant under ACCOUNT -> ASSISTANT -> LANGUAGES. Then you’ll be able to talk to Fing.

Fing and Fingbox voice control actions for Google Assistant

Here’s what you can ask Google Assistant.

Voice Control Action Ask Google Assistant Requires
Talk to Fing Hey Google, talk to Fing! Google Assistant
ISP ranking What’s the best ISP in my city?

What’s the best ISP in San Francisco?

Best ISP?

Best provider in Spain?

Google Assistant
ISP outages Internet outages?

ISP outages in San Francisco?

Internet outages in California?

Google Assistant
Fingbox Summary What’s up?

What’s happening at home?

Good morning Fing.

What’s up today, Fing?

Digital Presence

Groups of People

Who is at home?

Who is at the office?

Where are the kids?

Digital Presence

Specific People

Where is Carlo?

Is Marco nearby?

Internet Performance What’s my internet speed today?

How’s my internet performance?

What’s the internet speed of home London?

Parental Control – Pause Internet Pause Violet

Block Evelyn for 3 hours

Parental Control – Resume Internet Resume connect of Violet

Resume Evelyn


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