Firewall Compatibility and Required Ports: Does Fingbox work with Firewalls?

Yes, Fingbox is compatible with firewalls. Due to the distributed and resilient design of Fing services, we recommend giving Fing app and Fingbox access to the full Internet. If you want to limit outbound connections and still ensure minimum functionality, make sure to allow Fingbox to reach any IP address on the following TCP ports: 80, 443, 4443, 5671.

In addition, the ports needed for the Internet Speed Test, provided by M-Lab include 3001, 3002, 3003.


Firewalla Compatibility with Fingbox

If you facing some troubles while using Firewalla and Fingbox together on your network then to make the connection stable with Fingbox and Firewalla, Please follow these steps:

  1. Turn monitoring off on Fingbox in Firewalla app, so that Firewalla won’t arp spoof Fingbox, and Fingbox won’t report gateway change alert.
  2. If you don’t use the blocking feature in Fingbox, it won’t trigger arp spoofing against devices. But if you want to use the blocking feature, the arp spoof messages from Fingbox may cause interference with how Firewalla works. Our recommendation would be to use Firewalla app to block devices.

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