Fingbox vs Routers : Starry, Eero and Luma

The biggest difference between Fingbox and other products like Starry, Eero and Luma is that Fingbox is not a router and so does not provide your network with Wi-Fi. Fingbox instead is a network security and Wi-Fi troubleshooting toolkit designed to provide your network with protection against physical hacking. It’s a complimentary system to your existing router and is compatible with Starry, Eero, Luma and many more routers!

Although some high-end routers come with some of Fingbox’s security capabilities, consumer-grade routers tend to lack these and so are very vulnerable to hacking. Fingbox is designed as the affordable alternative for homeowners. Instead of purchasing a new, expensive router you can simply plug in Fingbox to your current working router and begin immediately protecting your network against physical hacking.

Key points about Fingbox vs Routers

  • Fingbox is complimentary to your existing network setup and is not meant to compete with your router
  • Fingbox is an affordable alternative to expensive routers
  • Fingbox provides additional network security and troubleshooting features that are complementary to your router
  • Fingbox will not slow down your network
  • Fingbox gives you more visibility about how your Internet, Wi-Fi and Bandwidth are performing and being used

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