Fingbox vs Fing App

The Fing app is a powerful network scanning app that allows you to identify what devices are on a network. However, the Fing app has always been limited by being a mobile app as you can only use the features on Fing when you are connected to the network you wish to scan. This is why we developed Fingbox, a hardware add-on to your existing Fing App.

Unlock more features in the Fing App

To provide more comprehensive network security and Wi-Fi troubleshooting features we needed to create a piece of hardware that can sit full-time on your network to guard it 24/7. Fingbox is complimentary to the existing Fing App and unlocks more features.

It is designed to simply plug into your router and instantly begin providing your network with security, such as network intruder alerts, and troubleshooting features, such as identifying bandwidth hogs.

The Fingbox experience is controlled directly from your existing Fing App for iOS and Android.

Extensive Network Security and Troubleshooting Features

In addition to being able to scan your home network from wherever you are in the world, Fingbox also comes with a load more security and troubleshooting features to protect your network that are not possible on the Fing app:

  • 24/7 Monitoring: In a matter of seconds, Fingbox automatically finds all devices on the network regardless of brand. The status of all devices is monitored continuously, including those essential to home security like smart locks and thermostats
  • Intruder detection: It detects network intruders and enables the blocking of intruder devices.
  • Device Blocking: Fingbox enables you to block unwanted devices from your network
  • Bandwidth Analysis: Fingbox lets users visualizes bandwidth distribution and which devices are consuming the most broadband.
  • Wi-Fi Speed: Fingbox’s interactive Wi-Fi Sweet Spot finder enables users to find the best and worst places for home Wi-Fi connection.
  • Alerts: Alerts can be configured for new devices, intruders, device status, network, family and guests.
  • Internet Speed: Real-time and historic internet speed is displayed in the apps through automated speed and latency testing.
  • Service Quality: Users can find out how fast applications are performing like Facebook and YouTube.
  • DigitalHome Fence: It allows you to detect any device near your Fingbox that has it’s Wi-Fi enabled, even if not connected to your Wi-Fi. This is super handy for knowing when the dog walker passed by, when the post person stopped to drop the mail, when your kids are heading home or if something unusual is happening.
  • Hacker Threat Check (Coming soon!): When Fingbox reached its next stretch goal of 250k, a hacker threat check feature was added. This feature automatically scans vulnerable opened ports and passwords of devices to identify potential risks of being hacked

Fingbox vs Fing App key takeaways

  • Fingbox is your always on Fing App which stays permanently on your network
  • Fingbox was designed to unlock more features in your Fing App, which require a physical device on your network
  • Fingbox allows you to block devices which cannot be done from Fing App because a permanent device is required on your network
  • Network Security & Troubleshooting features are key to Fingboxes experience
  • You don’t need to download any other app to use Fingbox because all features are managed directly from the Fing App


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