Fingbox vs Domotz Remote Monitoring and Management Platform

Fingbox vs Domotz Remote Monitoring and Management Platform for MSPs

Domotz is a remote monitoring and management platform built for residential and commercial systems integrators, IT professionals & MSPs, Franchises and SMBs. Fingbox caters to home networks and devices, whereas Domotz remote network management features are built specifically for businesses providing remote support services to other networks.


Image of Domotz Dashboard Remote Monitoring and Management Platform

Domotz Remote Monitoring and Management Platform Features for MSPs

Domotz features are built for businesses providing remote support and network management services to other sites.

Remote Network and Device Monitoring:

  • Unlimited Endpoints: Remotely monitor and manage any type and number of devices. Multi-VLAN monitoring included. 
  • Automated Device ID: Automatic device discovery and identification. Detects and locates devices connected to managed switches. 
  • Network Topology Mapping: Shows how devices are connected to each other and where they sit on the network. 
  • Network Monitoring and Alerts: Device attributes and events. 
  • Speed Test and Traceroute: On-demand and scheduled speed tests, and bandwidth analysis.
  • SNMP and TCP service monitoring: Monitor SNMPv2 devices and configure alerts based on the OID value.
  • Wi-Fi Access Point Integration: Simple Wi-Fi access point monitoring. 
  • External IP host monitoring: Monitor up to 20 devices or services anywhere on the web (website, off-site server, etc.), and up to 8 subnets on Layer 3, with a max of /24 network mask (modems, routers, VPN-connected networks, etc.)
  • Additional Subnet monitoring: Monitor a Layer 3 subnet of a VPN-connected LAN or other connected routed subnets. 
  • Device Response Time Monitoring and Statistics: Periodically ping every single device and collect Round Trip Delay (RTD) and Packet Lost stats from the Domotz Agent to the device itself.
  • Automated Managed Switch Port Mapping: For support managed network switches, get information about port status, upload/download traffic, lost packets and errors and historical graphs. 
  • Advanced Network Data and Reporting: Data like internet health measures, Wi-Fi signal level and noise value reporting, User activity logging, history and trend of key monitored indicators and customer reporting. 

Remote Management and Troubleshooting:

  • VPN On Demand: Use Domotz as a Virtual Private Network (VPN). 
  • IoT Monitoring: Monitor status of non-IP gateway- connected devices (Zigbee, Z-Wave, Cresnet). 
  • Secure Remote Connection: Supports TCP, HTTP, HTTPS, SSH, Telnet and RDP access. Remote access in a single click with no VPN or special router configuration. 
  • Multi-VLAN support: Support for monitoring /22 subnets and multi-VLANS at no extra charge. 
  • Remote power management: Supports most popular smart plugs and PDU’s for simple remote power management. Control individual ports on a managed network switch with Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality.
  • Onvif integration for Security Camera: Monitor any camera that is compliant with the ONVIF standard. 
  • Network security scans: Real-time alerts when a new device joins the network. Detect intruders and identify network security threats.
  • Automated Device Attribute Discovery: Make and model, MAC address, location, zone, software version, IP addresses, and more.


  • Team management: Easily manage team members and assign roles. 
  • Collaboration: Network sharing to trusted users.
  • Shared alerts & profiles: Help your team monitor device status, services and attributes across a variety of protocols and networks.
  • Multi-client account: Manage an unlimited number of clients or sites from one single account. 
  • Two-factor authentication: Activate 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) on your account and ensure your team has it enabled. 
  • Custom Branding: Customize the customer facing app with company brand and logo. 

Easy Access: 

  • Mobile Apps: Manage networks on the go with the Domotz mobile apps for iOS and Android. 
  • Import/Export on Desktop App: Export your device list and all details, modify properties directly in an Microsoft® Excel™ sheet and import these changes back into your agent.
  • Customer facing app: A customer facing app and other customer-facing features so you can be a customer service star. 

Developer Friendly: 

  • Public API: Domotz Public API (RESTful) provides developers an easy and comprehensive way to integrate third party applications with the Domotz solution.
  • WebHooks: Feed alerts into a ticketing system, send email alerts to an email address or feed alerts into a Slack channel. 
  • Integrations: Control4, D-Tools, Ruckus, WyreStorm, StormAudio, Dish Network, Liberty AV, Sonos, Denon, Marantz, Crestron & more! 


Flexible and Affordable Installation Options

Domotz remote monitoring and management platform can be installed on Domotz hardware, Synology, QNAP, Raspberry Pi, NETGEAR ReadyNAS or Windows VM.

Domotz Remote Monitoring and Management Platform Installation Options

Benefits of Remote Monitoring and Management with Domotz 

  • Easy set-up and deployment: Domotz is truly a “Plug & Play” solution that offers fast and flexible deployment on any network.
  • Free trial without any risks: Try out remote network and device monitoring for free with a 21 day free trial. No credit card required to get started and cancel anytime.  
  • Monitor and manage every endpoint remotely: There is no limit to the type and number of devices you can monitor. 
  • Proactively prevent device and network connectivity issues: No need to wait until things go wrong to intervene. Proactively prevent technical issues and downtime on the networks your business is managing. 
  • Solve device and network problems in real-time: No need to visit the site you are managing to solve a problem. Do everything from the Domotz apps remotely. Save money and time. 


Learn more about remotely monitoring and managing your networks with Domotz. 

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