Fingbox vs Domotz Pro

Fingbox vs Domotz Pro – Providing Support to Multiple Homes and Office Networks

Domotz PRO offers powerful IT Tools to monitor and manage multiple networks and devices.

Domotz is the premier Remote Monitoring and Management Platform for an IoT World.  They offer powerful network management software for MSP’s, Integrators, Security Professionals, and Business Owners.  Domotz enables the complete solution to cost-effectively manage and monitor your customers’ networks with plug and play setup, a friendly UX, and a comprehensive feature set, accessible from any desktop browser or mobile device.

Domotz Pro key features (not included in a Fingbox) comprise of the following:

  • Advanced Networking Features
    • Network Automation: Automated network mapping and automatic advanced device discovery allows you to know everything about the network
    • Online Dashboard: Quick access to information and services.
  • Quickly Analyze Network Data
    • Network Interface Traffic & Errors
    • Trace and Route Analysis
    • History and Trend of Key Monitored Indicators
    • Wi-Fi Signal Level and Noise Value Reporting
    • SNMP & TCP Monitoring
    • WIFI Access Point Management
  • Resolve Problems Immediately
    • RDP, HTTP & HTTPS, SSH/Telnet, & TCP protocols
    • Wake-on-LAN (WoL)
    • Control PoE Switch Port Power
    • Manage Power Distribution Units (PDUs) and Smart Power Plugs
    • TCP Tunnel: Allow other applications to connect
    • Advanced Diagnostics for Security Cameras
  • Dramatically Increase Productivity
    • Automated Discovery: Network topology discovery and automated device attribute discovery
    • Team Management: Easily manage team members in multiple roles
    • Public API: Customize the user experience to your customer/application

If you are a current user of Domotz Pro in a professional setting or thinking about switching over, Domotz can offer you some key benefits as an IT Professional:


Remotely Monitor & Manage All Your Networks 24/7

Domotz is the award-winning remote monitoring and management system designed for industry professionals. By remotely monitoring and managing your customer networks, you can work more efficiently, save time, save money, and deliver superior customer support anytime 24/7.


All The Network Management Tools You Need

Domotz allows you to monitor and manage EVERY endpoint or device remotely to proactively prevent connectivity issues and solve problems in real-time.


Provide Proactive Customer Support Instantly

With Domotz Pro, you can detect and prevent issues proactively before your customer even notices. Domotz allows you to reboot devices, and even configure or maintain systems remotely so you can stay on top of problems before they become full-blown network outages.


Fingbox vs Domotz Pro Key Takeaway

The key takeaway is that if you are a single network or independently managing your own networks, then Fingbox is for you. If you are managing multiple networks and providing remote support as a service to other networks, then Domotz Pro is for absolutely for you.

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