Fingbox V2 FAQ’s

Question:  How does Fingbox V2 differ from V1?

There are currently no new features on the Fingbox V2 as opposed to Fingbox V1. Both Fingbox versions operate on the same software. See below the main differences between Fingbox V1 & Fingbox V2:

  • Fingbox V2 can run on 5GHz as well as 2.4Ghz
  • Digital Fence now covers full spectrum, any Wi-Fi device nearby is detected. On Fingbox v1 only 2.4ghz is covered.
  • Digital Presence:  benefit for detecting presence of known devices, even when they change Wi-Fi or go to power-save mode
  • WIDS (Wireless Intrusion Detection) covers the full spectrum, detecting any attack on both 2.4ghz and 5ghz
  • Wi-Fi Sweet Spot has been improved, in cases where the router and mobile phones are top of the market, the achieved speed rate will be much higher and accurate.
  • Hardware re-design:  There is only 1 LED on Fingbox V2 (as opposed to 6 LED’s on Fingbox V1). Collecting feedback from our vast user base we realized that one single led provides a clearer message than a number of different effects, often misleading users.  


Question:   Will Fingbox V2 support IPv6?

Similarly with Fingbox V1, The following Fingbox features are compatible with networks that use either IPv4 or IPv6 or both:

  • Digital Presence
  • Intruder and hacker alerts
  • Vulnerability and threat detection
  • Network and device alerts
  • Wi-Fi speed tests
  • ISP Ranking
  • Digital Fence

Due to technical differences between the IPv4 and IPv6 protocols the following features may provide unexpected results in networks where IPv6 and IPv4 are both enabled. They will not function in networks that are solely IPv6:

  • Internet blocking & pausing
  • Bandwidth analysis

The majority of modem routers can use either IPv4 or IPv6. We recommend disabling IPv6 on your internal network in order to fully utilize all the features of your Fingbox. Please consult your routers user guide for information on how to do this on your network.


Question:  In terms of connecting with Fing App and Web App and will it display the same information as before?

All of the Fing App & Web App features and capabilities will remain the same, regardless if you have a Fingbox V1 or V2.


Question:  The LED status for the Fingbox will remain the same?  

There is only 1 LED on Fingbox V2 (as opposed to 6 LED’s on Fingbox V1). The LED status indicator will remain the same. 


Question:  Will there be a difference in the speed test calculated by the V2 Fingbox?

Both Fingbox V1 & V2  Internet Speed Test networks with 1Gbit internet connection and hence will have the same results.


Question: Will there be any impact on the Device Block/Internet Pause with new V2 Fingbox?   

No, these features will not be affected & will remain the same.


Question:  Will the ports required by Fingbox to work remain the same or will some more ports need to be opened?  

The ports required by Fingbox to work will remain the same.


Question:  Will the feature that allows you to add access points still be there as it already accepts the 5ghz network automatically?    

At activation Fingbox V1 automatically adds all Access Points of 2.4 Ghz. At activation Fingbox V2 automatically adds all Access Points of 5Ghz.


Question:  Will Digital Presence range increase as it can monitor the 5ghz network now as well?

In relation to Digital Presence, there will be a benefit for detecting presence of known devices, even if you change Wi-Fi or go to power-save mode. 


Question:  Will there be a difference in getting alerts for Gateway change as some devices when move to 5ghz network generate alerts?

Fingbox monitors only a single IP network.


Question:  Will Fingbox V2 be able to switch between 2.4ghz and 5ghz network from the Fing App?

2.4ghz and 5ghz are monitored for radio packets continuously, Fingbox performs channel hopping, looping over all available channels.

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