Fingbox Release Notes

Fingbox Release Notes

This page covers the continuous updates we’re making to the Fingbox product. Watch this space and see how the product evolve.

Fingbox Version 1.14.18 – 20th July 2020

–       Bug fixes on network discovery engine causing noise in some corner cases (related to Bonjour ‘goodbye’ packet not handled properly).

Fingbox Version 1.14.17 – 20th April 2020

  • Minor periodic security and bug-fixing update, part of maintenance of Fingbox firmware.


Fingbox Version 1.14.16 – 19th March 2020

  • Minor periodic security update part of the maintenance of Fingbox firmware.


Fingbox Version 1.14.15 – 18 Dec, 2019

  • Bug-fixes in speed test to M-Lab. We are calling better the M-Lab endpoints to avoid being put in queue as much as possible.


Fingbox Version 1.14.14 – 18 Nov, 2019

  • Bug-fix of speed test issue reported.


Fingbox Version 1.14.13 – 7 Nov, 2019

  • To fix & restore M-Lab speed test download. For the time being the download speed test will only be single stream.


Fingbox Version 1.14.12 – 29 Oct, 2019

  • Fingbox and Ubuntu Core operating system update to latest.


Fingbox Version 1.14.10 – 14 Oct, 2019

  • Bug fix: Auto-fix device clock when ntp time server is not available (causing inability to activate or disconnections)
  • A new feature in beta: Improved recognition of your devices by reaching Fingbox IP in http (port 80), from browsers of smartphones, computers, smart TV’s and Media Players.


Fingbox Version 1.14.4 – 11 Jul, 2019

  • Bug Fixes: Refresh updated device list, notifications not coming, IFTTT and automations not working good.


Fingbox Version 1.14.3 – 9 Jul, 2019

  • Bug fixes on automatic speed test.


Fingbox Version 1.14.2 – 13 Jun, 2019

  • Several bug fixes on speed test:- sometimes automatic speed test was not performed- sometimes Fingbox was going red (disconnecting) and then never connecting back


Fingbox agent 1.14.0 – 26 Mar, 2019

  • Uses new M-Lab speed test endpoints worldwide.


Fingbox 1.13.0 – 15 Jan, 2019

  • Improved and tuned Internet Speed Test for 1Gbit connections.
  • Improved and tuned Wi-Fi Sweet spot for high speed networks.


Fingbox 1.12.2 – 19 Dec, 2018

  • Bug Fixes and improvements


Fingbox 1.12.0 – 14 Nov, 2018

  • Fix: LG TV pairing screen issue.


Fingbox 1.11.9 – 1 Oct, 2018

  • Minor bug fixes on Fingbox agent engines
  • Bug fixes were on engines, like e.g. UPnP and bonjour.
  • Fixed Speed Test.



14th September 2018

Fing App 7.2.0 Released on Android and iOS

      • New feature: block devices by default. Disabled by default, can be enabled in Fingbox settings
      • New feature: monthly Internet speed report. Enabled by default, can be disabled in Fingbox settings
      • Internet Speed: ranking now includes also ISP reliability
      • Mobile tools: new and improved Trace-route and Ping tools
      • Android: workflow to enable location for case


      • Improved Android App Settings
      • Added “Notify when enters and leaves the network” setting shortcut in user views

Bugfix Android: 

      • Fixed: device list is flickering during search
      • Fixed: export of discovery state fails
      • Fixed: capture of pictures from camera fails on certain devices
      • Fixed: removal of local network is not updating networks list after removal


10 August 2018

Fing App 7.2.0 Released on Android and iOS

Free App

– New way of entering the target to Ping/Traceroute/Scan Service. The improved UX allows to re-select a recent target host and to pick a device from the list of devices (if currently connected to that network)

– New look for the Ping with chart on Android (aligned to iOS page)

– Users in the USA can buy Fingbox online from


Fing Account

– New account Sign-in workflow and UI (still using the web-based social logins, though).

– New account profile page to configure the user’s avatar, name, mail notifications and push notifications directly from the mobile app

– New dedicated page for Fing account storage.



– New layout of the Digital Presence chart

– The nominal speed of the Fingbox connectivity is reported in Fingbox setting, warning the user if it’s below 1Gb



15 June 2018

Fing App 7.0.3 Released on Android and iOS

On iOS:
* Digital Presence displays day/night time frames
* fixed crashes on some devices
* fixed VoiceOver missing
* fixed elapsed time on Fingbox
* fixed unable to trust access point / gateway
* fixed jumping keyboard while editing devices
* fixed promo banner not dismissing on “Not now”
* fixed access point marker not visible in device list

On Android:
* Digital Presence displays day/night time frames
* minor fixes (since 7.0.2)


11 June 2018

Fing App 7.0.2

Bug fixes and improvements on Android


8 June 2018

Fing App 7.0.1

We just released Fing 7.0.1 on Android with the following changes:
* Fixed crashes on Android 4.4 KitKat
* Fixed landscape rotation issues
* Fixed invalid date display in user panel


7 June 2018

Fing App 7.0.0

      • New navigation and layout for all Fing app users
      • New features for Fingbox users

New Navigation
Tap on the toolbar to select a network. Change networks from any screen in the app.
See the timeline of changes in the “EVENTS” tab.
All account & settings are now grouped together.

All new Fingbox features & layout
Chart of the Digital Presence of your household.
A new look and feel for Device Blocking.
Security and performance events have moved to the “NETWORK” tab.
Easily enable/disable all Wi-Fi checks and events from the UI.


4 May 2018

Fingbox Firmware 1.10.9

Bug fixes and minor improvements in network discovery engine


27 March 2018

Fing App 6.7.1 

Bugfixes and UI Improvements

Bugs have been squashed!

Improved Support

      • Added an in-app menu option to display app help from our support page @
      • You will now be prompted with a release notes page whenever a new version of the app is installed

New Languages

      • We now provide also Traditional Chinese localization (Taiwan and Hong Kong)

UI Cleanup

      • On iOS the bottom bar is now automatically hidden when you get into nested views, to gain more visual room
      • The DigitalFence radio device list has been improved by removing the tabbed interface in favor of a more user-friendly filterable view


13 March 2018

Fing App 6.7.0 and Firmware 1.9.38

The DigitalFence™ 2.0 has been released! 

This release includes major improvements to the Fingbox DigitalFence™.

      • The longer the DigitalFence™ is running, the more data about devices is collected for you. Data will currently show from the previous month period
      • Now it’s much easier to find devices that are in your home but not connected to your WiFi
      • Watch/Exclude devices to monitor and get alerts about them
      • View New devices, Known devices, and Anonymized devices
      • Use the comprehensive DigitalFence™ settings to reduce noise from devices you are not interested in
      • Filter the dashboard by Time/Date, Device Type and Range (Very far and Very near Fingbox)
      • New tagging system to find out which devices appear every day, on weekdays only, or on certain days like Thursday
      • By default, Anonymized Devices, Access Points, and Devices in your network are filtered out of the DigitalFence™. You like you can play with these settings in any way you wish, to zoom in on the devices you want to see.

Read the support article and watch the video to learn more about DigitalFence™.


22 February 2018

Fing App 6.6.0 and Firmware 1.9.33 

      • Internet Performance Chart now available in the app
      • Detailed email report from where you will be able to visualize both summary statistics and a detailed internet performance history of your network for each day of the month


26 January 2018

Fing App 6.5.1 

      • General fixes
      • Dark theme fix
      • Fixes on new features


24 January 2018

Fing App 6.5.0 and Firmware 1.9.16

Automated Speed Tests:

      • Automated Speed Tests released and automatically activated on all Fingboxes
      • Run up to 6 Automated Speed Tests per day at the times you prefer
      • Get network performance data over long periods of time and get reports on the trends and anomalies of your ISPs performance. This feature is also particularly handy for those of you concerned about your ISPs promised speed and level of service.
      • By default, the feature is already enabled. It can be turned off by navigating to Internet Speed -> Clicking on the CLOCK icon -> and deselecting all the hours of the day so none are highlighted in blue.
      • Clicking the BOOK icon leads to a history of all speed tests


      • This release includes a new ISP ranking feature based on speed test results from Fingbox users in your City and Country
      • ISP ranking by City and Country can be accessed by clicking the SCOREBOARD button
      • See how your ISP ranks compared to other Fingbox users
      • Compare your Internet Experience with the average ISP experience of others


9 January 2018

Fing Mobile App 6.4.2 Released (Android only)

      • Fing 6.4.2 just for Android, with a few fixes on notifications bug we’ve seen recently on Android 8.x.
      • All voluntary feedback are now sent to

14 December 2017

Mobile App: Fing 6.4.1

      • Fix of “log out issue” on iOS
      • Fixes on Android notifications
      • Support for holiday events. We will generate a few events that you’ll only be able to see using Fing 6.4.1. Learn more

21 November 2017

Mobile App: Fing 6.4.0 / Fingbox Agent Firmware: 1.9.3

      • Dedicated view to manage alert settings from the Search & Filter popup (Learn more)
      • Scheduling of Internet Pause for Fingbox (Learn more)
      • Bugfixes

7 November 2017

Fing and Fingbox App updates rolled out the week of 6 November 2017.

Internet Security 2.0

      • Improved graphics and user experience
      • On-demand Internet Security Scanning
      • Reporting of new ports discovered since previous scans
      • Ability to close ports via UPnP
      • Evil Twin Access Point Detection (e.g. KRACK Attack Detection which we announced that Fingbox detects and alerts about)
      • Ability to add Trusted Gateways, to prevent alerts on routers that change network gateway frequently

Read more about the latest Internet Security Features

Device Search, Sort, and Filter (for both Fingbox and Fing App users)

New Device Search, Sort, & Filter capabilities accessible from the main device list on the Fing App.

      • Change the sort order. You can now sort by status, priority, favorite, important etc.
      • Filter out devices by matching criteria
      • Search for matching text on devices (Android only). You can now search by name, brand, IP address etc.

Other Features:

      • Internet Outage Recording: Fingbox now records Internet outages on a Network.
      • LED quiet mode: Fingbox now only uses full LED brightness when attention is required.
      • Slower Network Discovery Mode: There is now a Slower Network Discovery Mode option that can be enabled by users if they are experiencing issues with network speed or specific devices.

19 October 2017

1.8.12 rolled out on 19-Oct-2017.

      • KRACK Attack Detection: Fingbox will be able to detect and report KRACK attacks which are a new type of malicious attack on WiFi devices. An enhancement to the Wireless Intrusion Detection System (WIDS) has been made so that Fingbox will be able to detect any “Evil Twin” Access Point attack. Evil Twin Access Point attacks are the basis of KRACK and also other malicious WiFi attacks which hackers use to steal your personal information and data. Learn more about how Fingbox protects your network from KRACK attacks

9 October 2017

Fing 6.2.1 rolled out on 10-Oct-2017.

      • A new settings page has been added called “Fingbox”. This page provides access to the “LED Dimmer” settings, to the version number of Fingbox software and to a link to the online support pages.
      • All entries in the log pages are now grouped by weeks and report the exact time of the event
      • Internet Speed highlights outliers with respect to usual values of speed tests. The bigger the difference, the bigger the arrow.
      • Notification sounds have been enabled

2 October 2017

1.8.0 rolled out on 2-Oct-2017.

      • FIX:  Device discovery more lightweight to cope better with all networks/devices.
      • IMPROVEMENT:  Improved Internet Security Check remote scan: ports are not scanned in order, to cope better with firewall temporary anti-burst ban that can produce an almost empty set of found ports.

25 September 2017

1.7.4 rolled out on 25-Sep-2017.

      • FIX: Device discovery interferes with some WiFi networks causing a slowdown or WiFi drop.

      • FIX: Device discovery causing some devices to disconnect from the network.

21 September 2017

1.6.5 rolled out on 21-Sep-2017.

      • FIX: We fixed the issues of the Internet Security Check on routers with older UPnP implementations
      • IMPROVEMENT: Fingbox engine configuration can now be updated without upgrading the firmware (quicker response to performance and security issues)
      • IMPROVEMENT: We added a watchdog that restarts Fingbox when issues are detected with the operating system.
      • IMPROVEMENT: We added a more detailed diagnostics for failures of Internet Speed Test (we’re working with our partner M-Lab to extend test coverage and reliability)

12-13 September 2017

Fingbox agent 1.6.X released on 12-Sep-2017. The below features are currently live on Android and will be released on iOS by the end of the week.

Internet Security Check

This feature was formerly known as the Hacker Threat Check. Fingbox now shows you open ports and vulnerabilities of your network that your router exposes to the public Internet. Click on Internet Security from the Fingbox Dashboard to get your report. The security checks are repeated periodically – on a weekly basis – and you get alerts when new ports or vulnerabilities are found.  Learn more

Parental Control – 1 Tap Pause User

Easily pause all the devices belonging to a user with a single tap. You can also resume the internet for paused devices in a single tap. Click on a user from the dashboard to see the list of owned devices and pause their access to the Internet.



      • Tap on a user to quickly see assigned devices and actions
      • Important notifications have been moved to the top for better visibility
      • The list of “paused” users and devices have been moved to the bottom
      • The Recent events button has been moved up on the main status header
      • Tiles have been reorganized to show the latest measured values


      • When a device marked “personal” changes state, the related event shows the device owner.


      • Search bar added to the Contact List
      • Colorful initials for newly created users
      • Assign device to a user directly from Device Details
      • Assign device to a user directly from the “New Device Found” Security Notification
      • Show and Edit the device owner in Device Details


      • New message when the Fing app finds a Fingbox that’s already been activated on the network


      • Agent firmware running version 1.6.x
      • Fixes and improvements to network discovery: more lightweight discovery of multicast protocols like UPnP and Bonjour
      • Fix to UPnP protocol that could cause slowdown of streaming devices
      • Better detection and reporting of M-Lab server issues while performing Internet Speed Test


5 September 2017

Fingbox agent 1.5.0 released on 5-Sep-2017

      • Network discovery improvements with a lightweight network scan (95% lighter)
      • Internet Speed Test bug fixes and improvements (detect and report M-Lab server issues)
      • Ready to run Internet Security checks when released officially in the mobile apps

14 – 17 August 2017

Fingbox Improvements made during the week of 14 -17 August 2017.

Fingbox Web App

      • The Fing Web App now supports Fingboxes as well. Now you can Login to the Web App and manage aspects of your Fingbox.
      • This integration with the Web App covers the basics of Fingbox “storage”: You can now see all your Fingboxes, view network details, access device details, edit device names, alerts, settings, and logs, and even block and pause devices from the web!


7 – 11 August 2017

Fingbox Improvements made during the week of 7 -11 August 2017.

Fingbox App:

        • These steps weren’t needed as they are already in the manual
        • It’s more clear that during the on boarding, the App is actively looking for Fingbox and will activate it

24 – 28 July 2017

Fingbox Improvements made during the week of 24-28 July 2017.


      • New device alerts LEDs are now more refined. Now the blue LEDs will flash when a new device is discovered until you click “Got It” or “Block” on the device from the Fingbox Dashboard. The flashing will continue for 24 hours to remind you to take action from your Fingbox Dashboard.

17 – 21 July 2017

Fingbox Improvements made during the week of 17-21 July 2017.


      • It’s now possible to choose a specific personal device (long press)
      • New layout for Bandwidth Analysis data and chart
      • More network details in WiFi Sweet Spot
      • Device timeout is now customizable
      • Several fixes on Fingbox screen


      • Improved security alerts with user-friendly description.
      • Auto-discovery of multiple access points during onboarding.


      • Tuned the auto time out for Apple devices


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