How does Fingbox block unwanted devices from my network?

Fingbox has the power to block devices from your network, both on a temporary and permanent basis. When a new device accesses your network Fingbox will alert you with information on this device – at this point you will be given the option to block this device from continuing its access just with the click of a button.

If there is a device that has been using your network previously but you now wish to remove its access, you simply find that device in your digital inventory, click on it and you will be given the option to block it.

To block devices and measure device traffic, Fingbox leverages low level (data-link layer) network programming and packet injections to make sure the device is not able to reach the Internet and other local network devices. By using similar technology Fingbox is able to seamlessly intercept and route devices traffic, thus it’s able to temporarily measure the bandwidth usage that a selected number of devices do in your network, to provide you with specific and crucial insights.

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