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With over 35 million downloads, Fing is the number 1 free network scanner for Android and iOS. The app allows you to quickly and easily scan any network you are connected to in order to see what other devices are also connected.

Fing app features – what does the Fing app do?

As well as scanning a network, Fing also has the following networking features:

  • Service Scan: Device port scanning to detect any available services
  • Device Ping: Ping a devices and check the device’s response time
  • Wake-on-LAN: Wake up devices remotely using the Fing application
  • Device Details: Get device NetBIOS, UPNP and Bonjour: name properties and device type
  • Mobile Internet Speed Test: Measuring the bandwidth and latency of an Internet connection against a server. The data rate is evaluated in both direction: upload and download.
  • Compare ISP providers: check your ISP provider rating, reviews & performance. Compare these to other available Internet Service Providers.
  • Internet Outages:  check recent and current Internet Outages based on location

In addition to the feature above, creating a free Fing account will also allow you to access to the following features:

  • Digital Inventory: with an account you can name the devices on your network, allowing you to create and store a digital inventory of your devices.
  • Alerts: This stored digital inventory then allows Fing to identify and alert you when new devices have accessed your network since the last time you scanned.
  • Web app: With a Fing account you can also store your previous scans and access them via our web app, from wherever you are in the world

Fing’s powerful network scanning abilities make it the best app for knowing who and what is on your network.

Fingbox for more network security & troubleshooting features

Fingbox, our hardware add-on for the free Fing app, unlocks more network security and troubleshooting features including; device blocking, bandwidth analysis, internet speed, Wi-Fi speed, network history, alerts, DigitalFence and more.

NEW! Fing Desktop

We have recently launched a brand new offering to our suite of Fing Products; Fing Desktop.

Fing Desktop can be considered as a more powered version of the Fing mobile App, with better device recognition capabilities and new functionalities coming. To read more about Fing Desktop, please visit:  Fing Desktop

To download Fing Desktop, click on  Fing Desktop Download link


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