Fing Desktop Version

On the bottom left of the Fing Desktop display, you can view the latest Fing Desktop Version.


By clicking on the the Fing Desktop version number, you can expand to view:

  1. About – information
  2. Preferences – options
  3. Credits – information

About tab

On the About tab you can access:

  • Fing Desktop version release notes
  • Service Log Folders & App log folders


Preferences tab

By clicking on the Preferences tab you can make changes to the settings of Fing Desktop relating launch options, window display, notification preferences etc. See a full list below:


Download Fing Desktop Premium here with additional features and enhanced capabilities including: Intruder Alerts, Security Checks, Timeline of Events & Unlimited.

Whether you are an IT expert or a technology enthusiast, Fing has the right solution for your needs. To find out more, please visit: Fing Premium Plan

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