Fing Desktop Tools Overview

Fing Desktop offers many useful tools to help solve your network issues, improve security & make your network trouble-shooting easier, including: Intruder Alerts, Security Checks, Timeline of Events & Unlimited tools.

See below an overview of features from the ‘Tools’ tab of Fing Desktop. For ease of use, we have broken them down into 3 sections:

  • Solve your network issues
  • Improve your security
  • Make your life easier


Solve your network issues

  • Ping: Visualize network performance for devices, app servers and web domains. Measure the Latency from your device to the internet (how long it takes for data to travel from your device to the internet provider, measured in milliseconds). For more information: Ping tool
  • DNS Lookup: Perform forward and reverse DNS resolutions to default or custom server. For more information: DNS Lookup tool
  • Wi-Fi Scan: Scan nearby Wireless Access Points to troubleshoot and improve your AP coverage. Fing is continuously scanning nearby Wireless Access Points. Use the ‘heat map’ view for better visibility of Access Points and to easily troubleshoot and improve your AP coverage. For more information: Wifi Scan tool
  • Trace route: Display the path and measure the transit delays of packets across a network. This feature will show how many hops the device makes before it reaches the public internet. For more information: Trace-route tool
  • DHCP Discovery: Discover DHCP servers to investigate and solve device connectivity issues. For more information: DHCP Discovery


Improve your security

  • Find open ports: Probe a server or host for open ports to verify security policies of a network. For more information: Port Scanner tool
  • Vulnerability Check: Find open ports via UPnP and NAT-PMP that may lead to external access and close them. This tool need a premium account. Get unlimited accessto all Fing tools, network intrusion detection, a full timeline of networks events and more just by upgrading to one of our paid plans. For more information: Vulnerability Check tool ‎


Make your life easier

  • Local API: Setup Local API for integrations with custom or 3rd party software. Fing can run a local HTTP API providing info and presence of devices, that can be used for IoT integrations. You need premium subscription to have full Local API with Fing running continuous network discoveries. Using local API without premium will work in demo mode: only first 3 devices are listed and refresh is not in real-time.


Download Fing Desktop here, for additional features and enhanced capabilities including: Intruder Alerts, Security Checks, Timeline of Events & Unlimited tools.

Whether you are an IT expert or a technology enthusiast, Fing has the right solution for your needs. To find out more, please visit: Fing Desktop Premium Plan

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