Fing Desktop Release Notes

This page covers the continuous updates we’re making to the Fing Desktop product. Watch this space and see how the product evolve.

Fing Desktop Version – 2.2.0  {8th September 2020

  • New Troubleshooting Tool

    DNS Benchmark:   Benchmark your DNS servers to find the optimal configuration.


Fing Desktop Version – 2.0.1  {27th July 2020

  • New device types:Added new device types: Security System, VoIP, Conferencing, Pool, Fitness.
  • Wi-Fi Scan:Added Wireless spectrum heatmap in Wi-Fi Scan.
  • Security:Added Security the section in network details: an overview of intruder detection and acknowledgment of known devices.
  • Discovery fix: Fixed very rare Bonjour loop in the network engine, causing network noise during network discovery.


Fing Desktop Version – 1.4.1  {18th May 2020}

  • Device recognition:
    – It is now possible to use both the product name or Model number when searching for products in Fingpedia.
    – The app highlights better in the device detail page when recognition is not sharp and you can improve with the user input.
    – When sending hints for missing products, the app shows you possible matches before sending suggestions.


Fing Desktop Version – 1.4.0  {13th May 2020}
Release Notes:

  • New feature: Home– Home screen has been redesigned to provide an overview of connectivity health check together with network and ISP information.
  • New feature: Device recognition– It is now possible to manually recognize devices: when Fing recognition is not sharp enough, you can manually provide brand and model of your devices.
  • Bugfix: Network and device edit – Fixed editing of network and device details was broken sometimes. 

Fing Desktop Version – 1.3.2 {
23th April 2020}
Release Notes:

  • NEW: openHAB – Device details and Insights report show information and shortcuts for openHAB integrations as well.
  • FIX: Notifications – Fixed unread notifications icon marker.
  • FIX: Health checks -Fixed and tuned health check refresh and notifications.



Fing Desktop Version – 1.3.1 {17th April 2020}
Release Notes:

  • Fix: Business VPN – Fixed network discovery when connected to corporate/business VPN.
  • Fix: Screen – App screen remembers position and size.
  • Fix: Improved alerting engine – Fixed and tuned too reactive alerts when changing network or waking up from sleep.



Fing Desktop Version – 1.3.0 {9th April 2020}
Release Notes:

  • New Overview view mode: Overview Mode called Summary is added along with Filters. Devices can be seen in an interactive summary overview of your network.
  • New Insight Section: Accessible from the bottom-right button when in Overview Mode providing interesting Insights about your devices.
  • Improved recognition engine:Recognition engine has been improved for sharper device type, brand, model and OS detection.
  • Release notes:Release notes and change history available from app information screen.



Fing Desktop Version – 1.2.0 {31th March 2020}
Release Notes:

  • NEW! Added Insight view mode to visualize and explore discovered network from a new angle.
  • NEW! Device details show information and shortcuts for smart home features and integrations: IFTTT, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, HomeAssistant
  • NEW! Green dots to mark online devices
  • FIX: Shows additional IP addresses for devices in the table and in device details
  • FIX: Shows also hostname when present, in device details



Fing Desktop Version – 1.1.0 {18th March 2020}
Release Notes:

  • NEW! Mute warnings: it’s now possible to dismiss known/undesired warnings on specific networks.
  • NEW! Setting to disable automatic mark-as-read for notifications.
  • NEW! Detect more VPN’s: OpenVPN and Freedome
  • Fix: Windows channel and spectrum were sometimes not correct.


Fing Desktop Version – 1.0.0 {1st March 2020}
Release notes:

  • Official version 1.0.0 of Fing Desktop launched on Monday, 24th Feb
  • Added worldwide Internet outages page
  • Added brand logos and support shortcuts in device details view (for most popular brands)
  • Fixed wake up from sleep on Windows

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