Fing Desktop FAQ’s

Question: How do I get the most up to-date version of the Fing App?

As soon as an updated version of the Fing Desktop is released, simply open Fing Desktop to get an auto-update and enjoy the latest version. Please note that the automatic update may take up to 8 hours after the release time to appear.

If you have not yet downloaded Fing Desktop, you can click on the following link to download:  



Question: Will there be anymore functionality added to Fing Desktop?

We have big plans to develop more functionality for the Fing Desktop moving forward.

Initially, however, we have focused on ensuring that we have the initial functionality working correctly. We have recently completed an in-depth Beta test, whereby we have received plenty of feedback on existing functionality but also on ideas for future functionality. Thank you to everybody who contributed to the Beta test program.



Question:  Is there a Fing Desktop version for Linux?

No, currently there is only Fing Desktop versions for PC & MAC platforms



Question: Will I be able to access my Fingbox from Fing Desktop?

No, Fing Desktop is a completely separate product. Fing Desktop could be considered a more powered version of the app, with such benefits such as:

  • ‘Health Check Report’ feature, giving users a snapshot view of the ‘health’ of their network. It gives a summary of any issues/alerts that may need attention. This feature is only available on the Fing Desktop.
  • More detailed device recognition than the mobile app, as Fing Desktop can read MAC addresses it will give more detailed device information.
  • ISP connection information integration



Question: What is the relationship between Fing Desktop & other Fing products?

Fing Desktop is a completely separate product from the Fingbox. From a technical standpoint, in comparison to other Fing products, it can be considered:

Fing Mobile < Fing Desktop < Fing Box.

Fing Desktop allows a far more precise engine than the Fing mobile app, but doesn’t require a purchase of a dedicated hardware.


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