Fing Community

You can access Fing Community via the Community tab on Fing Desktop.

Fing Community was launched in 2019, designed to be the go-to place for getting help with your device, security and connectivity issues.

Get advice from our Community members about your connected devices, network, Internet or smart home.

Use Fing Community to ask a question, or start a discussion to get help for a problem you are facing, for all things technology, connected devices, troubleshooting & home networks.

Be sure to read through our community guidelines and tips to start a great discussion.

To note: anybody can view the Fing Community, however, if you would like to contribute by asking a question, answering a questions or starting a discussion, you will need to sign up to be a Fing Community member. This will be a seperate account to your Fing account (i.e. seperate log in details)

Download Fing Desktop Premium here with additional features and enhanced capabilities including: Intruder Alerts, Security Checks, Timeline of Events & Unlimited.

Whether you are an IT expert or a technology enthusiast, Fing has the right solution for your needs. To find out more, please visit: Fing Premium Plan

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