Device Blocking

Fingbox includes a simple (yet groundbreaking!) Device Block feature which acts as a form of network security and parental control.

  • Device Block: The Device block feature will completely block a device from both internal LAN traffic and Internet traffic. This defends your network against intruders, and it will have an On/Off functionality.
  • Internet Pause: The Internet Pause feature gives you the ability to pause the Internet connectivity of a device temporarily but still allow connectivity to internal devices. For example; a computer could be paused from the internet but still send something to the printer. This is the perfect simple internet parental control.
  • Scheduled Pause / Parental Controls: The Fingbox Internet Pause feature lets you schedule Internet Pausing. All of a user’s Devices – the devices which have been assigned to the person – can be paused during specific times or on specific days/times. You can read more about it here


Using the Device Blocking Feature

This feature is used to permanently block a device from accessing your network.

To access this feature, from the Fingbox Dashboard:

  • Navigate to the Devices tab (at the top of the display)
  • Click on the device you would like to block
  • This will expand the Device Detail. Scroll down to ‘Manage this device’ section & click on Block Device.
  • Confirm you’d like to block the device


The device will then be block from the network and illustrated in ‘red’.

To unblock a device, simply click on ‘Unblock device’:

Using the Device Pausing Feature

This feature is used if you would like to block/pause all the devices assigned to a specific user.

  • From the Fingbox dashboard, navigate to the People tab
  • Click on the user you’d like to pause the devices from
  • Click on the Pause internet button

  • Select the amount of time you would like to pause for (eg. 30 mins, 1 hour, forever)
  • Confirm you’d like to pause the device
  • To unpause the device, simply click Resume internet.



Schedule Device Pausing Feature

This feature is used when you would like to schedule a specific day and time that a user should not have access to the network. Perfect for Parental Controls!

  • From the Fingbox dashboard, navigate to the People tab
  • Click on Schedule Internet Pause
  • If you have any Scheduled Internet Pause’s scheduled, they will be displayed. Alternatively, you can set up a Scheduled Internet Pause by selecting the “+” sign at the top right of the screen

  • Select the type of schedule (Bedtime, Homework, Generic)

  • Select the days and times you want to pause the user’s internet
  • Click on the user you wish to restrict
  • Click ‘Save’. Your Scheduled Internet Pause is now set.


Restricted Devices

Now, you can see in real time which devices are restricted. Theses devices can either be blocked devices you selected manually, or paused devices you chose from the scheduled pause.

  • From the Fingbox dashboard navigate to the Network
  • Scroll down to Restricted Devices

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