How can I start Fing in interactive mode?


On Windows, you can start interactive mode from fing shortcut in

 Start menu | Applications

Alternatively, you may execute a Command-Line shell using

 Start menu | Execute

and type


a Shell window will open, allowing you to enter the command:

 fing --interactive




Raspberry Pi

You shall open a Terminal window and execute:

 sudo fing --interactive


You shall open a shell on the host system and execute:

 docker run --name=fing –net=host docker-fing /usr/bin/fing --interactive

What tools are available?

Once started, the interactive mode will provide the following options:

  • (D)iscover
  • (S)can
  • (P)ing
  • (T)raceroute
  • display (I)nfos

Each letter will start the corresponding Fing tool, guiding you through a series of question regarding the networks to scan, the output formats, the output destinations and such. At the end of each tool, the interactive mode will print the full set of parameters – should you need to run the same command directly in the future – and will ask you if you wish to execute it now.

=== You have completed the procedure ===
The equivalent command is:

 fing -p localhost -o csv,console


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