Can I run other Fing CLI command as service?

Yes. Below are some explanations.


Change the option ‘–kit “%APPDATA%\Fing\conf\”’ with those you need as explained in this section.


Follow these steps:

  1. Copy the plist file
 sudo cp /usr/local/lib/fing/launchd/com.fing.fingkit.FingKit.plist \

  1. The plist file has been designed to run the kit. You have to edit the option in the file.
  1. Load the daemon as explained here.



Raspberry Pi

If your system has system V as service manager. You need to follow the procedure here and then update the file /etc/init.d/fing-kit. You have just to update the variable options with those required by the command you want to launch.

If your system exploits upstart, you have to do the same in the fing-kit.conf file inside /etc/init


The easier the better:

docker run --name fing –-net=host –-detach docker-fing /usr/bin/fing …


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